“2-BULLET TUESDAY” Newsletter — ​ Bloomberg on Transportation Electrification, Tracking US Climate Goals, Power of Subconscious, &
3 Billion New Consumers

Chris Wedding, PhD
Aug 13, 2019 · 3 min read
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Good morning,

We hope you enjoy our most recent 4-minute digest on clean energy, finance, business tips, trivia, and (attempts at) humor.

Quote for the day:
“What you know doesn’t mean shit. What do you do consistently?”
– Tony Robbins

  • Food for thought: As a guy who kept an encyclopedia under his desk in 3rd grade to read for pleasure when class work was done, I get this. Reading and knowing is good. But doing is even better.

Now what?

Have a great week.

Chris Wedding, PhD

Managing Director, IronOak Energy Capital

Founder, Invest for Impact Academy


Cities and States Leading the Way:
Achieving Majority of 2025 Targets

  • A new report led by California Gov. Jerry Brown and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg shows that we might not all be doomed to a future of dangerous wildfires and record hurricanes. (Slight exaggeration, but that describes my last 30 days. Thank you, Oregon and North Carolina.) Entitled “Fulfilling America’s Pledge: by the America’s Pledge initiative,” analysis shows that activity outside of the federal government is expected to cut emissions by 17% below 2005 levels by 2025, about 63% of the way to the goals of 26–28%. | Source: Smart Cities Dive (Chris Teale)

It’s Electrifying:
Increasing Agreement on Significant Disruption

  • Electric vehicles on on the rise: 1M sold by 2016, 4M on the road now, and the next 1M are expected to rev up by Q1 2019. Rabid environmentalists like EIA, BP, and OPEC have revised their future projections for EV sales upward by 5.5x, 2.9x, and 5.5x respectively. (Yep, sarcasm.) Expect similar innovation in trucking, shipping, and flying. (Jetsons, here we come?) | Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance (Michael Liebreich)


The Rise of 3 Billion New Consumers:
Doing Well, Doing Good

  • When thinking about how to make an impact and how to build a business, ask yourself this, “With 3 to 5 billion consumers coming online in the next [6] years, what do they need?” And let’s not this mess up. The answer could be the difference between a place we want to leave our kids, or, well, not so much. Think regenerative real estate and zero-pollution energy, not expensive toys for adults or mind-numbing time in front of screens. | Source: Peter Diamandis, Co-Founder, Human Longevity, Inc., Founder, XPRIZE

Go Unconscious:
Write Down Questions at Night

  • You’ve all heard that the subconscious mind is much more powerful than our conscious mind. (Or at least that’s we all want to believe when we’re stuck in a rut or can’t do the simple addition of double-digit numbers quickly.) A case in point, on a daily basis, Reid Hoffman writes down problems that he wants his mind to work on overnight, like while he’s asleep. Given his role as co-founder of LinkedIn (sold for $26B) and executive VP at Paypal (sold for $1.5B), maybe he’s onto something.

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