“2-BULLET TUESDAY” Newsletter — ​ Smart Transportation (Images),
Private Equity Term Sheets, &
“Hamilton Grit”

Chris Wedding, PhD
Jul 25, 2019 · 4 min read
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Hey there,

We hope you enjoy our most recent 4-minute digest on clean energy, finance, business tips, trivia, and (attempts at) humor.

Quote for the day:
“A woman is rich in proportion to the number of things she can afford to let alone. Oh yeah, #DittoForMen.”
- Henry David Thoreau (not historically accurate)

  • Food for thought: Instead of adding to your business plan, to-do list, holiday plans, etc. — which is my unfortunate and inherent bias — what can you instead subtract in order to grow, gain, and relax?

Now what?

Have a great week.

Chris Wedding, PhD

Managing Director, IronOak Energy Capital

Founder, Invest for Impact Academy


Scooters, EVs, Autonomous, Oh My!
Challenges Brewing for Single-Driver Vehicles

  • OK, raise your hand if you think driving is a waste of time, money, land, and fuel, while also occasionally dangerous. (Text and drive much?) I’m actually raising both of my hands now (but I’m not driving). Look, I agree that driving can be fun sometimes: A 3-week family road trip in Arizona (check), circling Iceland’s ring road (check), heading into deep wilderness for backpacking (check). But for day-to-day transport, I would gladly hand over my keys if convenience and costs were non-issues. I like the way Lyft’s CEO puts it, “Eventually, the majority of miles traveled in the United States will be on a network like Lyft. You’ll be subscribing to a Lyft transportation plan similar to how you have a music program, maybe Spotify, or a minutes plan like you have on AT&T or Verizon.” (But hopefully with WAY better customer service.) Based on CB Insights’ recent report — “Disrupting The Car: How Shared Cars, Bikes, & Scooters Are Reshaping Transportation And Cannibalizing Car Ownership” — it seems that the roadway is being paved for that kind of future. (Yep, awful puns.) Select clippings below.

eScooters Worth Billions:
Silly or Stupendous?

  • Recently, I wrote about how investing in scooter companies worth billions of dollars was, uh, kind of wacky. I mean, many cities hate them, they’re sometimes deemed to be illegal, the business plans seems to lack any IP or real barriers to entry, and the tech (electric scooters) seems cool but not revolutionary. (By the way, that sounds like a certain transportation company starting with a “U”.)However, with recent Wall Street Journal reports of Uber’s potential value at $120B, combined with the fact that most US trips occur within 0–5 miles (see CB Insights figures below), it may be time to reconsider my initial dismissals. [Cringe.]


Term Sheets:
Typical Terms and Conditions

The 7-Year “Overnight Success”:
The Hamilton Story

  • Sometimes lessons come from the most surprising places. My son is currently practicing a speech — out loud, over and over — about Lin-Manuel Miranda, author of the Grammy-, Tony Award-, and Pulitzer Prize-winning broadway blockbusterHamilton. Fun fact: It took him seven years to write the play. And today, it’s an explosive success, combining two shockingly different cultures (wig-wearing white folks + funky rap). Plus, this artist’s net worth is now estimated at $40M. So, if you’re still waiting for that big win…Just keep working and waiting longer. Heck, maybe you should even be singing along the way.

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