Seeing In a Still Body: The Still Man Relates To My Big Question

Hey Dr. Soleless Quantum here,

I find that this Ted Talk titled Kitra Cahana: My father, locked in his body but soaring free is truly connected to my big question with it’s somber feel to how one deals with suffering. Hearing Kitra, the daughter of Ronnie, speak about her father finding his stroke a “blessing” is aweing. Even with my faith in God and in the works of science, I am amazed to hear that in the 72 hours after his stroke he came to terms with having locked-in syndrome.

What I envision as a glimpse of what he saw in his inner psyche

With only his eyes, he soared within his inner psyche and began a self- journey and although he is a rabbi, it was a second cleansing that allows him to locate the true divinity within himself through his new eyes. As his family recited the alphabet to him in his condition he became a symbol of hope and testimony for those visiting him to seek spiritual advice. Through letters, he gave the people more insight than he was before the stroke.

Kitra captures my attention because of his position previously as a rabbi but still is using both science and religion to reach out to others. By human means of updated technologies and also by divine works of God, he began to open up more and he began to be better. However as his victories from his families were recorded, his view from within his mind could not be captured: his daughter could not film what was going on within his psyche. It chronicles not only the new oddities that have defined this 57 year-old man’s initiation in a new life with his physical limitations but also his mentality through it all. Ronnie “insists there are no dead ends” and his paralysis was a way for him to rekindle his passion for living on and to work hard to regain his movement. The Ted talk ends with the speaker quoting her father about how “the work will never be finished, I’m living in a broken world and there is holy work to do.”

When it comes to what I would do in this situation, I would have to say that my soles are stuck on the ground. A stroke is nothing no one can prepare for once it happens and through the short time it starts it is troubling for both the person having the stroke and also the family having their beloved to face this pain. Pain is something that I am used to but it is the pain of seeing others see my pain is something else entirely. I still ask God why does he insist upon this and suddenly I arrive at this Ted talk.

I was skeptical if this was of a divine interference but after analyzing the video it gives me even more insight into the topics that circle around God’s allowance for human suffering on Earth. For a still man like Ronnie to move me in this manner is strange but it is also part of a growing process. In the silence he is free and his ideas are not bound by a framework. Although I intentionally do this he was tragically set into this syndrome by a stroke. Why does God allow suffering? Ronnie may hold one of the ultimate truths or the ultimate myth to whether this is sufficient to be conversed on his bedside. Either way he will have to be still once again to find this answer, something I don’t want to enforce on him. This Ted talk is truly is a good component to start decoding why does God allow suffering but it is also the start of grueling work to be done. I’m now off the ground with excitement, Ronnie has shown me a new way to get off the ground at a specified amount of force. I’m thankful to have seen this, Ronnie has developed my title of Dr. Soleless Quantum Solace.