Unleashing the Paper Lion: Break my Paper Chains

Hey it’s Dr. Soleless Quantum here,

When I think of my papers, I picture them as animals trying to break free from their literary chains. However, as soon as I think that they are free, they are only chained up again by grammar, perception, word flow and- what I need to work on the most- the depth that it reaches. In short, I want my reviewer to ‘break’ my paper and get rid of the chains that are binding my paper. All the major errors that limit the space that my paper can roam and reach others should be addressed. Anything that you feel is wrong should be said plainly, no matter how I, the writer, should feel. Through this experience, this will help me to become a more proficient writer and the reviewer a better reviewer. I should not be the only one getting something out from this peer review. Overall, honesty and dedication to the review of my paper would be appreciated. I encourage others to help release my paper and break the chains that hold it down from what. Thank you and I await the for someone to help break my paper from its chains.