Metaverse Social Entrance Ending Clear , See How Meta World Creates a Featured Socialize to Earn!

Web3.0 has been talked about over the past year mainly because, as the concept of the next generation of the Internet, it brings together the underlying layers of multiple technologies and ideas, such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, and shared economics. Among them, the wave of DeFi, GameFi, and NFT has sprung up with a variety of projects, turning into competitive tracks. Along with the rise of metaverse, metaverse socialization has become a new hot spot, and SocialFi has gradually attracted attention and is regarded as one of the most worth exploring potential burst growth points.

Meta World’s brightest of many projects. The project aims at the metaverse disruptor, with the spirit of vanguard exploration and the strength of super-technical ideas, becoming an innovative force leading the door to opening the Web 3.0 era. Senior investors advise — If you miss a lot of good projects, don’t miss Meta World again. Today, let’s introduce Meta World’s SocialFi to make Socialize to Earn popular!

Meta World featured SocialFi

Meta World Chat Room is a new social aggregation platform based on a new generation of information technologies, such as metaverse and blockchain, the most important part of Meta World’s ecological connection. Whether it’s global stranger socialization, acquaintance socialization, or social activities in specific areas like chain games. The experience at the Meta World chat room will improve qualitatively. Not only that, but the excellent system of socializing, or making money, has been fully sublimated.

In Meta World chat rooms, the average user can toggle the system’s native avatar or rent a specific avatar to increase points acquisition in the chat room. You can also stake to open the avatar NFT Blind Box to own the property’s own NFT digital avatar, each NFT in the chat room with the ability to get points faster. And many other social products have largely lost the meaning of identity symbols, and no attention has been paid to this aspect at all.

In terms of the core chat-related features, Meta World is an innovative derivative of the NFT-exclusive expression feature, and the NFT-related owners can also produce and possess unique NFT-specific expressions, and get points for sending expressions ten times a day.

In addition, Meta World, like some regular voice transmissions with red envelopes, has also made related innovations. For example, for ordinary users, voice transmissions are added to the variable sound function, which increases the fun of chatting in disguise and makes voice chat anonymous. The red envelope function is naturally essential as a favorite feature of users in China. The biggest change in red envelope is the addition of support for mainstream public chains, allowing red envelopes to be sent with the tokens of these public chains. It should be noted that the withdrawal of red envelopes requires the consumption of points.

Personal homepage is definitely the most central high-frequency display page in the social world, whether it’s the QQ space that Chinese users once loved or the FaceBook homepage that American users loved, it’s the best place for users to show themselves on the Web. On Meta World’s personal home page, you can display the user’s portfolio and NFT collection. You can also track the portfolio of users you have infused. You can also show the industry news you’re interested in, and the hottest short video and live broadcast features of the day which is essential. Like TikTok, the unique snap feature makes it easy for users to record their lives through short videos. The live broadcast is a subversion of the traditional live broadcast platform. Live stream here can receive a direct reward for cryptocurrency.

Meta World Chat Room Points

SocialFi represents not only social but also financial. The Meta World chat room undoubtedly provides a convenient and necessary economic activity channel for the ecological construction of the metaverse, which fully embodies the essence of Socialize to Earn.

Points play an important role in Meta World SocialFi ecology. Points are redeemable for NFT airdrop qualifications or new redemption benefits and draws later. The exchange price is calculated at the value of the benefit at a time when the user can get free points. Or all rewards and red envelopes are cancelled point-to-point, all rewards and red envelope tokens need to be recharged to the platform, users get rewards and grab red envelopes to get the token on their own wallet. Extraction also consumes points.

In order to get points, you need to actively participate in the Meta World chat. Users can get points by checking in daily, completing the points task, and buying the Meta World ecosystem token DRAC.

Meta World identity system

We all know that socialization is human behavior, and that behavior is inseparable from the nature of it. Socializing inherently carries attributes that demonstrate its own merits, no one is vanity, and only products that conform to humanity can be loved by users.

In Meta World’s social ecology, the amount of a user’s assets can have the appropriate identity level and title. Users with more advanced identity titles are sure to be envied and followed by other users. And the amount of assets is reflected in the amount of Meta World ecosystem token DRAC that users stake. Not only can users benefit from staking DRAC, but they also get the enviable title.


Traditional social modes have evolved over time and is fixed on the centralized social media giants of the Internet age at present. But many users can’t accept the feeling that they’ve been dominated by the platform. So the future of decentralized socialization is bound to be a big trend. And there are a handful of quality products in this area. So Meta World’s social products must be experienced. The combination of DeFi + socialization is the best antitrust measure for traditional giants. Socialize to earn is also the biggest long-term attraction to users.

We believe that in the future, Meta World’s social ecology will be the forerunner of metaverse socialization finance, creating large number of active users, followers, turnover of NFT works and the exponential growth of market influence, eventually seizing the metaverse social entrance!



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