Never experiment and use Google Cloud Platform

This is a cautionary tale that cost me only ~80$. I’ve had an experience running images on private cloud managed by OpenShift, so I decide it would be nice to learn public clouds like AWS or GCP.

I had a simple plan:

  • To assemble a Spring Boot image using jib and publish it to container storage;
  • To build up Kubernetes’s Deployments and Services for the image and install using Helm;
  • As optional task I planned to add Istio Service Mesh and make a simple production ready environment for my pet projects.

So I’ve set up billing and enable everything that I need for this experiment. I’ve also kept in mind that I’ve got a $300 credit from Google. So it wasn’t scary to start this project after all. Also I’ve set up an alert on around $150, so if something unexpected happens I could react and turn everything off.

I’ve spent weekend on publishing an image to the Container Storage. Requests been blocked by permissions and documentation was very poor about all issues. So I’ve decide that I’m not interested in GCP after all. Quite complex system for pet-projects. But maybe such security level required by enetrprise? I’ve abandoned my idea and focused on the December holidays.

On the 2nd of January 2022, I’ve received amazing present from Google.

I’ve made a research and it seems that Cloud and Kubernetes engines still have daily fee even if I haven’t install anything on it and haven’t created any virtual machines. Maybe, service creates them by default, though I haven’t remember any warning about it. So when I go on Billing page I’ve seen following chart:

… and here is my email inbox …

Alert haven’t fired. Maybe because the billing had a promotional ticket plus I have’t reached 50% alert condition without VAT.

As a conclusion I could say, that if you want to use GCP cloud you should consider to read a lot of books or hire a professional before even try it. But I’ve decided for myself, that I should avoid this ‘service’, because they don’t have reliable alerts, you can’t stop billing to avoid going bankrupt and Google famous for an absence of support.

Now I’ve closed all projects and all billing on GCP and Firebase. I really hope I won’t have $300+ bill from nowhere at February.

Thank you for such amazing experience, Google.

P.S.: While researching strange receipt, I’ve encountered interesting blog post. Small company set up and ran an application and it cost them $72 000. Still going for GCP? Good luck.