What about now!

[…] and how to love again? after all those deceptions, after all this time. How to expose my heart again to those feelings that caused me such pain in the past, believe me, is not about being coward, it’s about trust again. But you know, that even after all those bad feelings, I keep needing to love someone, because that’s who I am, because I don’t want to live this life alone, surrounded by my loneliness.

Those past days, those bad feelings, just made me stronger, because after all, there were also good days, good feelings, and that it’s what I want to feel again. So I keep looking for you my dear, everyday, everywhere, I keep looking for you, because I know you are there, somewhere, I won’t give up! I don’t want to! I’ll keep looking for you until the end of my days and even further.

Love isn't a choice, love isn't a feeling you can take control of, love is our heart, telling us that, that person is the one who we were looking for all this time.