Meeting Marie Laffont

We met up with Marie Laffont in an artsy apartment in the Upper East Side, Manhattan, to talk about her inspirations and designs.

“Oh I can tell you how her ideas are born”, her French boyfriend, who also works in art, laughs. “She browses magazines for hours, and throws cut-outs all over our apartment. On the floor, on the kitchen counter, in bed. Two days later, just by looking at what surrounds her, she comes up with a new idea”.

But let’s take a closer look to Marie’s life. From design, moulding, production, to final presentation, Marie Laffont, with her solid art background that she acquired from ECOLE DE LA CHAMBRE SYNDICALE DE LA COUTURE PARISIENNE and École Duperré Paris, fully transformed her fantasies into pairs and pairs of shoes. Each pair of shoes has it’s own soul and character. It was exactly this shine of talent that drew the attention of Christian LOUBOUTIN, and made her one of his designers.

Marie, tell us where you find inspirations?
Everywhere. Literally everywhere. Anything can inspire me. From an object I see at a park when having a walk to street fashion to a piece of art. And I love books. The old ones. I am also very much influenced by the movies I see. Especially those of Jarmush, David Linch, Almodovar and Wim Wenders. The colors and the atmosphere. Just brilliant. I think there’s something special about the 70s movies. It’s a unique mix of art, cinema and music.

For which actress would you like to design a shoe?

Victoria Abril from Kika. It’s directed by Pedro Almodóvar.

What about online? What’s your favourite site?

My own Tumblr (laughs). No, but really. It’s pretty good. I have around 45k followers. You should certainly check it out. . It features a lot of my own designs. I do reviews of fashion shows I go to. I also like to get creative with it. Say, I go to a Chanel show. Afterwards I would get back home and being inspired by the show design my own take on shoes for the collection I had seen. You know, my interpretation on Chanel shoes.

How did you get into designing shoes?

It must be during my study years. I had an honour to have the legendary Pierre Hardy as one of my professors. He was the one who really planted this seed of shoe design in me. The rest naturally developed from there. I worked for Christian Louboutin assisting directly him for 3 years. I was lucky enough to surround myself with people that are insanely inspiring.

What are you favourite designers?

I love Philip Lim.

Tell us about your work process.

I’m not very techy. I spend more time browsing magazines than in front of my computer. I love sketching designs by hand. Though of course I do end up creating many of mine designs using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Tell us what you use Dragdis App for.

As I said, I am not very techy. I guess it’s one of not many tools that I actually use. Love how simple it is. I bookmark the sites I like, or objects that I come across online. So that later I could get back when I need my creativity to be flowing.

What would be your advice for fellow creatives.

Do everything what it takes to keep yourself inspired. Your inspirations is the greatest thing you have.

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