Instructions to use POINT to redeem NFT on Marketplace

We are delighted to launch the NFT Marketplace where you can use POINTs to redeem Dragon Kart NFTs. In particular, you can buy our exclusive NFT collection right on Marketplace.

Here is our tutorial on how to use POINT to redeem Dragon Kart NFT.

Step 1: Access to

Step 2: Connect your wallet address in Marketplace

Step 3: Select the type of NFTs you want to buy. Currently on Dragon Kart Marketplace we have Mystery Combo Box, Mystery Box, NFT of characters, weapons, cars and upgrading NFTs. Moreover, the exclusive NFTs are on sale for 12 days only during our Tet holiday.

Step 4: Click “Approve” to accept DKP (POINT) as payment method. This process will cost you the fee.

Step 5: Click “Buy” to buy NFT.

Step 6: Check your NFT at “Collected”

All DKP obtained from users exchanging NFT on the marketplace will also be burned 100%. We will be doing a weekly burn and will have a Tx update so users can keep an eye on the process.

Note: You can pre-purchase upgrading NFT and wait until we update the NFT upgrades feature in game.

About Dragon Kart

Dragon Kart is a 3D battle racing game built on the Binance Smart Chain, the characters in the game are taken from a popular Pikalong series by a Vietnamese well-known artist named Thang Fly. Dragon Kart is a NFT game built with Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Play mechanism which allow players to have a space to play games, entertain and relieve stress as well as have more chances to earn income while playing game Gameplay of Dragon Kart is considered as a “arena” of life and death when it requires players to combine their driving skills with the use of individual character skills.

Learn more about Dragon Kart:

Website, Twitter, Telegram or Medium




Dragon KART is the first 3D Skill-Based Battle Racing Game, building on BSC blockchain.

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DragonKart Official

DragonKart Official

Dragon KART is the first 3D Skill-Based Battle Racing Game, building on BSC blockchain.

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