How to conquer your Aspirations in 2016

1, Think of three (3) aspirations, goals or things that you want to conquer during 2016, that will add value to you as a whole (professionally, spiritually and physically)

2, Answer each question as honest as you can:

Why do you want to achieve each one of your aspirations?

Achieving each aspiration will improve your life as a whole? How?

What could be the feelings that you will experience when you achieve them?

Who do you need to recruit that will contribute positively?

What do you need to do to feel successful?

3, Write them down and put them in a place that you can see them every day and include at the end of each one, how would you celebrate when you have achieved each one?

4. Establish an Action Plan with simple and specific actions that will help you achieve each goal. Break them down into monthly actions.

5. Go over your Action Plan every month.

6. Celebrate each month the little or big accomplishments that you have achieved.

7. Create a journal and write down all the lessons that you acquire along this 2016 journey, the people that you meet and the unexpected things that appear along the way.

8. Under any circumstances, never, ever put yourself down, criticize yourself or put a lot of energy on those conversations in your head that try to stop or sabotage you from accomplishing your aspirations.