Hold onto your hats…the math geek writes!

I am a self-professed math geek — an educational assistant in high school who lives for math and dies a little inside when I am assigned to an English class. (I secretly think that they love the look on my face — a mixture of horror and dispair.)

I’ve never liked English. Oh, I like reading, writing and even poetry. Just, please, do not ask me to rip it apart and interpret it. Why kill it? Why make kids hate it the way I hated it? Can’t we just enjoy the story? I know the arguments of the why — critical thinking, higher questioning, competent writing skills, etc. I just personally don’t agree. I sympathize with the students…my heart goes out to them.

So why am I writing? I don’t know. I have been thinking of writing for a while now. Goodness knows I sometimes compose entire pieces in my head at 3 am when insomnia strikes. But write them down? Never!

Do I expect anyone to see my writings? Not really. (Except for the two friends that somehow follow me on Medium who have no choice.) Do I want people to read my writings? I suppose I must at some level or I wouldn’t be doing it on Medium. I think that I feel people here are more accepting and sane as opposed to the craziness and negativity that is Facebook and that, therefore, no one is going to laugh at my attempts. At least not in the responses anyway! Feel free to chuckle privately among yourselves. 😉

Thanks for reading!

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