Book Killers and Kissers
Jonathan Carroll

I love books and have since I was a child.

Some of my books look almost brand new. Those are the ones that I bought and have read only once.

My most beloved books are the books of a book killer. Yes, I fold down pages. Someone really needs to invent a bookmark that doesn’t fall out…

But my battle scarred books tell a tale of their own. They tell of a book so loved that it has been read multiple times over many years. Each reading, no matter how careful I am, adds to its haggard appearance.

It has often been leant out to friends with strict instructions to return it lest ye be unfriended (their name and book borrowed is prominently displayed on my bulletin board and my computer desktop).

The ultimate praise comes when my first copy is so worn that pages are falling out. A new copy will replace it and sit beside the much loved, never to be thrown out, predecessor. Each time I go to reread that book, I still take out the first copy and wistfully wish I dared to read it again…

We aren’t book killers. We are book lovers! ❤️📚

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