Thank you, Joel, for putting into words what many of us feel, though I feel it from a different…
Heather Nann

When Trump won the election, a grade 11 student of mine was saying about how much America would change (we live in Canada).

I tried to explain it like this: “America this morning is the same America that has always been there, Z. There has always been racism in America although it was more buried or hidden before. The difference today is that now being racist in America is totally acceptable because they just elected the most openly racist candidate the world has ever seen. Watch and see what happens now. Hopefully the rational and sane Americans will do what they can to stop racism when they see it but I fear that things will get better worse before they get better.”

We are both watching and hoping that things get better sooner rather than later. Good luck to those of you spreading the light. Never stop trying to shine in this dark world….light can and will overcome the darkness eventually.

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