No official statement by these agencies given by their respective spokespeople, unlike the FBI…
Elsario Delmarco

Grave concern about Russian influence, akin to smoke filling a crowded room…

You may not see a fire yet, but you sure as hell start looking for the source of the smoke — which is likely to be a fire!

Your self-labeling as “Trump Supporter” and nothing else says it all.

I understand that you need to convince yourself that there is no reason to be concerned. How else would you sleep at night?

I understand you have a vastly different opinion than mine, and I respect that.

I really do empathize with those under sway from Trump’s cult of personality. Like Hitler did, Trump has created a sort of mass hypnosis. (Bannon has helped!) For followers, the “rush” of cheering for Trump, and then vociferously defending him when legitimate concerns arise, seems to be both emotionally intense and perhaps biochemical.

(Image credit: Sebastian Kaulitzki / Shutterstock)

Addicted to Trump

Research on this kind of phenomenon shows that both one’s brain activity and chemical signatures shift. The higher cognitive functions are less active, and emotionally-charged centers in the brain are lit up.The chemical “high” from altered neurotransmitters is threatened, if (via reality) there is a possible change in awareness away from the hypnotically-induced (false) perception of reality.
And if the “high” is threatened, the individual lashes out. It’s happening unconsciously. The brain wants its constant bath of altered neurotransmitters. Sounds like a wrenching tale of addiction, which it actually is.

I feel great compassion for Trump followers. Especially since we’re already seeing cracks in Trump’s utopian dream of “making America great again” (whatever the f*ck that was supposed to mean, since he never explained it).

The coming crash of reality for Trump supporters

When true reality FINALLY comes crashing through to Trump followers, it’s going to be confusing and painful. And you know what? I will be here to offer compassion, despite the vitriol and hatred that has been lobbed at progressives like myself. Count on it, unless I’m already in some “re-education camp.”

Namasté and best wishes.