12 Places Considered Safe Zones For Americans During The Coming Exodus
Allan Ishac

Resistance — Run for it!

Vital public service announcement (PSA)

Check out the brilliant cunning of Allan Ishac , who provides vital Intel for members of the Resistance in the guise of satire. Where can we safely escape Trump? Here’s a handy reference.

I want to at least visit Lesbos, on this list, because I yearn for a tshirt emblazoned with the island name. It can be argued that I am (ahem) entitled to one.

(Years ago, Olivia’s first lesbian cruise went there, though I wasn’t aboard for that particular sailing. I did go to Mexico and Hawaii via Olivia Cruise, though. Good times, a decade or so ago.)

Then there’s Glasgow, Scotland. My ancestors are from Scotland. (Well, they and the Swiss, whom Robin Williams called “The nice Germans.”) I wonder if I could appeal to Scottish authorities for political asylum? Perhaps there’s a spare room to be had in a drafty, old castle somewhere. Hmm.

Thanks, Allan. Good work! ☺

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

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