Many of us won’t feed the fire.
Sean Howard

It takes great courage to choose love mindfully. Waging peace, as Sean Howard is doing, helps to implement a world-changing paradigm.

We are stronger together!

Count me among those who act from a loving place — sister-in-arms to Sean Howard and so many others. Each individual’s contributions may be seen by some as minor. However…

The collective impact of choices motivated by compassion and love are beyond measure.

We are in a tumultuous time, and only 20/20 hindsight will give us the clearest understanding of it all. History will make clear the stark choices faced at this pivotal time.

I shall #wagepeace in all the ways I can. I offer comfort and compassion to the many who are, like me, terrified by our new Reich-wing administration. I shall resist in the most subversive way possible: by choosing love.


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