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Making America Delusional Again

Spot-on as usual, Rick. These same Trump followers will cry out en masse as their lives become even worse under his administration. And who will they blame? Anyone but Trump, of course. Probably Obama, or FDR (seriously), or maybe that left-handed squirrel over there, since he’s foraging rather secretively — what’s HE got to hide?

Okay, that last example is satirical, but not by much according to Steve Bannon’s standards.

(Wait, did I ascribe “standards” to Steve Bannon? Obviously, I misspoke. Ahem.)

I wrote earlier about Trump supporters’ denial of of reality about Russia’s influence on the election, and included within this are concepts about Trump supporters having their brain activity and chemistry differing, and how this creates an addictive feedback loop of behavior. The research and brain imaging, et al, are solid, regarding conservatives vs. progressives.

Add the cult aspect of Trump to existing research on left-vs-right brain activity, and soon you literally have people drinking the Trump-branded Kool-Aid. (I am old enough to remember Jonestown, and I am chilled by the cult aspects that parallel Trump and his followers. And don’t get me started on the Hitler similarities… Hoo-boy.)

Great artwork, Rick Baldwin . Thanks! Namasté