And the left are communist and gays are fags.
Marcus Oliveira Spiegelma

Schooling a hate-speech-spewing troll

Just doing my part to help.

Well, Marcus Oliveira Costa , before I block your profile for reasons of moral repugnance, let me clue you in regarding just a few teensie writing points.

Because, you know, I love to help others. I’m a giver like that.

In your word-salad sentence,

“And the left are communist and gays are fags.”

I can actually hear the rolling Rs of a Russian troll’s accent. Or maybe your illiteracy level as an American is just that high.

So let’s break it down from a writing perspective, even setting aside the inherent ideological repugnance of the underlying stance…

  • Generally speaking, one does not begin a sentence with “And.” Exceptions do apply. Since you use the word “and” again later in your sentence, this first usage is redundant. Remove the first use of “and” for a stronger sentence, and to eliminate the redundancy.
  • Within the first clause of your sentence, the word Left should be capitalized, as it refers to a movement, not one of your hands.
  • The word “communist” should instead be “communists,” to agree with the third-person-plural verb “are,” which correctly refers to the plurality of the subject of the Left and its members. You could, alternately, change the verb from are to is, or “the Left is communist,” which refers to the Left as a single movement. Either choice solves the error in your usage of third-person-singular (it) vs. third-person-plural (they) nouns, and their respectively appropriate verbs (is vs. are).
  • After the end of the first clause — “the left are communist” — there should be a comma, since you’re using the word “and” to begin the next clause. Alternately, and more elegantly, use a semicolon instead of a comma — in which case you don’t need the word “and” afterwards. In either case, the clauses need to be separated, or it’s just a run-on sentence. And those are just sloppy. (See how I elected to use “and” to begin that sentence?)
  • Saying that “gays are fags” is like saying “flowers are carnations” — a logical error. While all carnations are obviously flowers, not all flowers are carnations. Similarly, while all fags are gay, not all gays are fags. I’m gay, but as a lesbian I don’t qualify as a fag. See what I’m saying about logic, here?
  • I’m not even sure what you’re trying to convey by that last “gays are fags” bit, other than using the words gay and fag as all-purpose hate-speech meant to smear. This is imprecise and lazy writing. Try using precisely descriptive language instead.

So, let’s review. Your original statement is above in quotes. After in-depth analysis, we can more clearly discern what you were actually trying to say:

“I’m a troll whose sole purpose is to distract the reader from the underlying story.”

See what we learned by reviewing just one sentence of your hate speech? I think this has been illuminating.

So glad we cleared that up. ☺


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