How I became a target of the alt-right
Arrington de dionyso

Targeted by Trump supporters

This really happens, and one cannot fully express the horror of it.

I am so deeply saddened by what’s happened to you, Arrington de dionyso . It’s just f*cking wrong. I applaud your courage, and support you in moving forward from a place of love and strength. I am with you!

I am going through a less visible version of this, because I was already shut down by aggressive hacking on most of my social media before the death threat arrived via text message, with an accompanying picture of a big gun. This, from a man whom I once considered a friend, Tommy. He knows more about me than I do, probably, between our friendship and his background as a Texas cop.

Tommy had originally struck up a conversation after he befriended my daughter when she lived in Oklahoma about a decade ago. As long as we opted-out of politics in our conversation, we’d been able to have a civil discourse. Kinda one-sided, but oh well. Tommy wanted me as an adopted step-mom of sorts. I did my best to be compassionate.

In a bit of eerie coincidence, the police report on the death threat was dated 11-Sept-2016. It was escalated to the Feds the same day by local police, because Tommy’s treasonous texts talked about overthrowing the government via armed troops.

It was only later that I realized the full horror of it, since I had initially thought it was just the delusional raving of a member of the lunatic fringe who’d finally snapped. But as the gun-toting nuts threaten a modern “civil” war (gawd, what an oxymoron), I see things differently.

Politics can be a drug for some, particularly the conspiracy theory crap. And like any other hard-core addicts, these people lash out in an ugly way when they are on a hard-core binge, or they think their supply of the “drug of choice” is threatened.

Wishing you peace, and continued success with your art and music.