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The layers of corruption in this new administration are already evident.

If these same types of choices had hypothetically been proposed by Hillary Clinton as President-elect, the howls of protest from both Republicans and Democrats would understandably have been deafening.

I’ve said before that Trump’s operation is essentially a cult of personality. He gets away with choices, actions and statements that would have long ago disqualified any other candidate from either party.

Trump’s supporters somehow give him a “pass” simply because he is The Donald. It makes my heart ache, my head hurt, to try and understand why.

Our clearest understanding of this whole mess will likely come via the historic view, looking back on whatever happens over the next 4–8 years (or more, heaven help us). I hope to be around to read the analysis that 20/20 hindsight offers in a decade or so.

Frankly, I anticipate a new equivalent of All The President’s Men to be written at some point, addressing the ways in which this administration will likely act in violation of the Constitution. But I hold out hope that I am wrong.

I love my country, and I extend that love to all her citizenry and inhabitants. No exclusions or exceptions — not even those who voted for president-elect Trump, nor even the president-elect himself.

An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.
(— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Compassion and love are the best weapons against hatred, as Dr. King taught our nation. I choose to #wagepeace with all the courage I have.

Thanks to Judd Legum and ThinkProgress for the great article that sparked these thoughts.