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This is evocative of the Wizard of Oz: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…”

President-elect Trump is a master of misdirection. He also throws a tantrum when things don’t go the way he thinks they should — the Hamilton scenario, for instance. The broader view, however, is that we are already seeing a chilling effect on our First Amendment rights. The Fourth Estate is showing evidence of this, and the great article above shows specific examples.

By using misdirection, including surrogates that say down is up, and up is down, Trump and his team create enough confusion to obscure the facts. The press is inclined to treat the President-elect with kid gloves, and in a normal election, that would be appropriate. But this election and its outcome are not normal.

We are at the beginning of fascism, fueled by white supremacy — truly, a neo-Nazi regime.

If action is not taken soon, we will look back on this turning point and read (smuggled?) books about the America that once was. I weep for Democracy, as I listen to the death knell.

And yet, I love… Namasté.

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