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Trump “leads” via a cult of personality.

Being the PEOTUS gives him additional leverage: he insists on deference from the media.

His ridiculous tweets, statements and assorted lies are largely regurgutated without the vital analysis necessary to determine the actual truth.

By and large, the mainstream media replies in a synchophatic fashion, which is horribly dangerous. People deserve to have a critical analysis available to them — not inherently negative, per se, but analyzed for fact-checking, background info, and possible repurcussions.

The idea of a Twitter-based presidency, where press conferences are evidently a thing of the past, leaves me feeling like we’re in a surreal dream, from which we all need to wake. The kleptocracy, Plutocratic cronyism, plethora of conflicts of interest, and rampant corruption are already dizzying, and Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

Trump also refuses to use the State Department protocol for calls with world leaders — secured lines, pre-call briefings, translators, et al.

(Why? I’d guess ego, and Trump not trusting anyone but his close family.) If he had used the State Department resources properly, we wouldn’t now have the diplomacy issue resulting from the Taiwan call. This could potentially be a huge problem, scanning decades, for our relationship with China.

I think constantly of the old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” The curse worked, it seems, because things are indeed “interesting.”

Another word that might work is “horrifying.” But, hey… Poh-TAY-toe, poh-TAH-toe, right?

Namasté to everyone. Remember to breathe!