A Message to Paypal

A single warehouse in the outskirts of a city known as Bellingham, is responsible for producing some of the most functional, aesthetic, and elite glass art pieces in the entire world. This glass art studio, known as Mothership Glass, is changing the name, and, overall, the culture of smoking. Many glass enthusiasts consider Mothership as a catalyst of the great glass renaissance, a rebirth so to speak of the glass culture and inspiration. However, this renaissance is completely being blockaded due to the lack of justice and legal recognition of artful glass water pipes. Mothership deals with several legal issues, as do other glass distribution companies and glassblowers do.

Bongs Deserve Justice

Mothership Glass is like any other wholesale distribution business, it deals with usual business deductions, expenses, and responsibilities. However, for a specific reason, it’s unable to use certain assets that other businesses are able to utilize. Because this business is considered counter-culture, it’s unable to make online transactions for the artful goods it produces. For every single piece of glass that is sold, a money order (i.e check or straight cash) must be mailed in which already is congesting the business’s efficiency. Along with this obstruction, the cash must be manually put into a book-keeping software and then transported to the bank by hand. This is clearly inefficient to normal business standards of transactions of goods. Paypal strictly states on its website that “[users] may not use the PayPal Service for activities that: relate to transactions involving drug paraphernalia.” The cause of this suppresses a thriving business and industry altogether. Overall, it is clear that glass water pipes and the artistry behind it should be given recognition and justice to these problems and barriers they face.

How to Fix this Problem?

In order to resolve the problem of being unable to sell glass products directly to individuals is to allow Mothership Glass and other glass blowing studios to be able to make online transactions with smoking enthusiasts. It’s simply straightforward. But in order to fully enable this solution, marijuana must be removed from Schedule I class drugs. The federal government should look at marijuana the same way alcohol is looked at, but lesser. “Cannabidiol has the ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1. In 2007, researchers at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, reported that CBD may prevent cancer from spreading.” ( In order to promote the legalization of marijuana, the good aspects of it need to be shed to light. By this, I mean that people must be more aware of its existing stereotype and how it can actually cause more good than harm environmentally and medicinally. Furthermore, the awareness and the unity will call for legalization which would lower the restrictions that many glass manufacturers are victims of. This can only help so many people rather than hurting people by legalizing a drug.

A Rebirth

Allowing for the easy distribution of glass will fully expedite the glass renaissance and possibly the influence of other artful practices to undergo a rebirth- so to speak. A second renaissance is among us that will only help the economy as well as the environment and general well being of people. Glass blowing is a practice that can yield beautifully amazing products. In the case of Mothership Glass, they are changing the definition of smoking in a major societal way.

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