I recently went from working in an office building with about 5000 other people to working at home. It was a serious culture shock. Gone were the dress shirts, ties, and wingtips for work wear. In were shorts, t-shirts, and unshod feet. My meetings are now by phone rather than in the conference room. In my home office my MP3 player keeps me company via an actual speaker not the ear buds I had to use in the cubicle mine. The commute is short. The thermostat is always to my liking. And something new has happened. I’ve become a lover of an afternoon coffee. In the office I was always about the morning coffee – often taken from my pot at home via a thermos. But I wasn’t into afternoon coffee. Somewhere around lunch I’d make the switch to cold caffeine. While I haven’t abandoned my Diet Coke, I’ve come to appreciate that steaming mug of coffee taken fresh from the coffee pot – yes fresh not left over from morning. It’s a simple luxury that wraps up my work day just as my morning coffee starts it. I’ve not taken to afternoon coffee on weekends yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. I’m sure that in the coming weeks as the temperatures continue to fall, my shorts will become sweatpants, the sleeves of the t-shirts will grow longer, and my unshod feet will work their way into house shoes. And I’m sure I’ll still be looking forward to filling my TARDIS mug with cream and coffee for to complete my afternoon.

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