3 Healthy Behaviors for a Longer Life
Brad Stulberg

I totally agree with you Brad, and I currently don’t smoke, don’t drink and try as much as possible to do a fitness activity. There is only one part I don’t really support (that doesn’t mean I don’t agree) → putting pressure on governments to stop people from drinking, smoking or getting fat. I mean stopping people to end their life earlier will imply more expense for the retirement plans (which can lead to an increase in the retirement age) , larger consumption worlwide (since we live longer, therefore the population will continue to grow, even though our planet ressources are limited → a study (I don’t remember which) says that if all the world population will spend & eat like United States citizens, the planet ressources won’t be able to sustain the population. In my opinion we should be strict with labeling & prevention, but we should let people kill themselves if this is what they want, we are already too many. We should also increase the prices on animal meat (I’m OK if a half pound of beef cost 100$, and I’m not rich, but the conditions to justify the $100 price tag should be excellent: open air, organic food etc.), it’s crazy how we become so irresponsible about animals and how easy we ignore all the suffering the meat industry is applying in order to provide the cheapest price. Meat should be a luxury, it’s the minimum that we can do for an animal that lived only to become meat. And for your info: NO, I’m not a vegetarian, I would like to be …

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