“Call a Spade a Spade” — The Fastest Rising Social Spades Card Game

Looking back at the last 60 years, Spades has established itself as one of the most popular four-player card games in the United States. The origin from where this now famous card game Spades has descended is unclear, but it is no secret that it is part of the Whist family and a simplification of Contract Bridge such that a skilled Spades player can learn and, as time goes by, master Bridge relatively quickly. The appeal of spades lays in its combination of a simple bidding system, the opportunity for partnership play, and maybe the most important feature, fast-paced action!

Over 100.000 people play spades online now every day, more than all the online Bridge and Hearts players combined, which in fact is quite astonishing.

Spades rose in fame during World War II, where the game was introduced by soldiers to various military stations all over the world. Despite its deceptively simple rules, much simpler than those of bridge, the game managed to establish itself. It was then, as the soldiers returned from battlefields all across the world, that Spades began to spread and it was only a matter of time, before it became popular among college students as well as in family (home) games. The mastermind behind this and the one who made it possible was the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1994 (informally called the G.I Bill), which gave the war veterans the chance to attend colleges or universities due to the cash payments of tuition and covering their living expenses.

Popular Rule Set of Spades

The basic rules of Spades are relatively simple. The preferred game is four-handed, with two competing partnerships. Partners sit across the table from each other. A standard 52-card deck of playing cards is used. Aces are high, followed in rank by king, queen, jack, ten, and so on down to twos (deuces). To start, the deck is shuffled and dealt out completely with each player receiving 13 cards. The object is to score the most points usually, a limit of 200 points is set so that the first team to reach 200 wins. A negative limit of -150 is also standard.

Next Level Card Games

Currently a developer team called Casualino brought out this new and fancy Online Spades game called VIP Spades. It has only been about two weeks since its release, but in the midst of the vast competitors it slowly but steadily climbed in the rankings and seems to have the potential to carve a path for itself straight to the top, overthrowing the giants currently standing in its way. The up and rising card game of Spades can be played on Android, iOS (coming soon), Facebook and Windows 10 Store so the experience while playing is everywhere the same which means that you are no longer restricted to just one platform!

Incredible graphics, smooth flow of the game, fast loading screens, a lot of bonuses and free chips, blood boiling tournaments where VIP players all around the world challenge each other to become the very best, everything you can imagine is packed in just a single online spades card game.

Current leaders being on the market for more than half a decade have ultimately been crowned the “most popular” free online spades games out there. At their respective peaks they were considered of high quality and superior balance. The question here is… can they maintain their position for any longer?

The times have changed, many new game developers have joined the business and are working on newer, better, up to date games at an incredibly fast pace. So we can only wait and see how future events will unfold and how or if they can hold their ground against these new, and last but not least, promising competitors.