Job ad: Sales Engineer (Strategic Partnerships Director)

Job description: The Strategic Partnerships Director will manage corporate partnerships by catalyzing strategic opportunities for member funds and their portfolio companies; develop relationships with potential investors; provide intelligence to Fund managers and their portfolio companies on market and industry trends; establish best practices for intra-Network collaboration; determine holes in existing Network offerings and make recommendations for future strategies; develop and maintain CRM database; organize Annual CEO Summit, company showcase, and other events; hire, onboard, and supervise interns as necessary to support Network team activities.

Requirements: Master’s degree in business administration or related field, bachelor’s degree in engineering or related field, and four years of relevant experience; experience must include (1) international business as an entrepreneur or in corporate business development; (2) CRM; (3) Microsoft Excel.

Employer: Draper Venture Network — a one-of-a-kind alliance of independent venture capital firms bringing together investors and entrepreneurs from across sectors and continents to share strategies, source opportunities, and create greater value.

Job Location: San Mateo, CA

Please send resume and cover letter to: 
Draper Venture Network, 55 East 3rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA, 94401; 
Or email:

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