Switching Gears

When Dray was founded, our team set out to tackle an industry taking advantage of the truckers driving our economy.

Our play was simple. We would build a better, smarter brokerage. A brokerage that takes significantly less overhead and passes those savings on to both shippers and carriers. A brokerage helping carriers remain competitive by driving more business and helping shippers reduce operational spend.

Our technology has proven to be immensely effective, reducing time spent answering check-calls, processing documents, and connecting truck demand to available capacity. Over the past year, we’ve created tools that allow transportation teams at every level of the industry to spend less time doing busy work and more time moving loads.

Despite these successes, we encountered a major limitation: only loads brokered through Dray gained the increased visibility and efficiency provided by our technology, meaning we would need to be everyone’s broker if we wanted to improve the entire industry.

That goal, of course, would be naive since there are over 50,000 brokers in the U.S. — many of whom work hard providing excellent service and reliability to their customers. Furthermore, brokers aren’t always the go-to option when moving freight as many shippers often work directly with carriers. By limiting our advantages to loads brokered through Dray, we were keeping the industry from benefitting as a whole.

As a consequence, Dray is switching gears to build a software platform for the entire transportation industry; enabling any broker, shipper, 3PL provider, and carrier to operate leaner, find optimal opportunities, and deliver superior customer satisfaction.

In order to focus on scaling our technology for everyone in the industry, Dray has ended brokerage operations as of August 15th, 2016.

Introducing Parade

We are excited to announce the launch of our new platform: “Parade”. We’ve taken the tools that once powered our brokerage and opened them up for everyone to use. Parade is an affordable platform for shippers, brokers, 3PLs, and carriers to discover, communicate, and transact seamlessly through web-based apps, mobile apps, and existing transportation management system (“TMS”) software. Drivers connected to TMS software through Parade will be able to directly share their location, report delays, and upload documents in real-time.

No more check-calls, no more paperwork, no more surprises.

If you’re a shipper with an existing TMS, your small carriers can now transact and communicate directly with you, sending accurate EDI messages that you care about in real-time.

If you’re a broker looking for an empty truck, you can easily search a huge network of carriers servicing the lanes you need help with.

If you’re an owner-operator with a few drivers, you can spend less time managing loads and more time moving them.

Most track and trace software requires coupling with complex TMS integrations, which cost anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars to install and operate. With Parade’s connectivity, carriers of any size can move freight for larger customers who require TMS integrations without having to pay the expensive hardware and software fees otherwise preventing them from accepting these loads. Additionally, carriers of any size can track and trace their drivers for free with loads published through Parade.

To all the carriers and shippers that have partnered with us already: Thank you for believing in our mission to connect transportation. To all the brokers, shippers, 3PL’s, and carriers just now tuning in: We look forward to working with you.

Here’s to the future of trucking,

The Dray Team