I hate Job Interviews, we are many!

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If you are looking for employment and busy preparing for an upcoming Job interview, you know your life is going to change somehow, and your heartbeat will be making somersaults. Behind all the anxiety, the only question on your mind is always!

How am I going to let my personality shine through and how will I show the world what I can bring to the table during the interview process.

The truth is, you will either end up having one of the most dreadful mornings and afternoons ever or it could be the best day of your life. This article is for those who will not be feeling soo good afterwards.

I care about you, if you are still reading that is.

Because in Job interviews the feedback you will get and how you perceive these incidences will throw you off track. You will be intimidated. You will be asked awkward questions you didn’t prepare for, you will be forced to give cringeworthy responses, lie, or make gaffes such as spilling drinks on yourself, swearing by accident, going red, sweating profusely or saying some stories you didn’t plan to. They could kill your dreams, and hopes of ever wanting to be employed again!

A tell of my own, just so 8 months ago. A Job that i was so proud of, I happened to be interviewed three times in a span of 5 months. I

Surprised! Yes, five months, first interview, second interview after two months, third interview. After the 3rd interview I thought I should give up, they had forgotten about me. Five months and the Job was still mine, story for another day. I later resigned.


This specific incidence is important, in November 2013, as I was awaiting to graduate from Kenyatta University with a Bsc in psychology, I happened to be called to a Job interview I had applied for at Upper Hill Medical Centre (this is a building that house different medical doctor’s offices from dentists, gynecologists to psychiatrists whom I am well on familiar terms with).

My appointment was booked at 3pm. I was being interviewed by one of the personal psychologists of a well known and respected psychiatrist here in Kenya. We started off on a good note, she asked, “tell me about yourself, why do you want to work here as a counseling psychologist?”I answered each and every one of them.

What i was thinking, at least I had prepared for this. She made me able to chill a bit, it made me feel comfortable, wait until, when she asked where I grew up, my family history, blah! blah! blah!. In fact the opposite was true. As I narrated my growing up, my mother, my sisters, grandmother, and my dad. Tension continued to build up, the fact that I had not planned for this, the fact that am stable, I had father issues and talking about mushy stuff was not going well. I feel for women it’s easier to dissect the emotional things in their life, for us men saying things require a huge effort. The fact that someone wanted me to talk about it didn’t go well with me.

I felt exposed. To cut the long story short, that interview lasted about 1hour 45min, the longest I have ever been to, just you and the interviewer. Of course I didn’t get the job.

It’s important for you to know most recruitment agencies, HR’s and whoever is on the interviewing panel have one thing in common and this is always on their mind when you step in to that office to be interviewed; The question is always does s/he has what it takes to do the job, are they likeable and good to be around with, are they passionate and highly skilled. So they will intimidate you, step on you, toss you around like a hot potato..Etc and it’s very easy to be disqualified from this basis.

“Interviewing is pretty tricky, in some ways it’s a crapshoot. It could depend on the interviewer’s mood throughout the day; it could be they have more in common with other candidates, things that are completely out of your control. I would say there are ways to make you more valuable on an interview than other candidates or others will find you are completely nothing, you think you are intelligent and something. Wait until you get to an interviewing panel.

Some jobs will go as far as asking you when you are available to go for a second interview or even orientation to get the hiring process rolling. They ask questions as “when are you available to start” “Are you interviewing with other people?” and when you leave some managers will say “we will get back to you by the end of today, latest tomorrow or this week” Which you will find out not to be true. It’s not your job yet. Okay to hate yes!

The biggest lesson over this now that am working on my own startup organization and having been able to interview a few people myself; during job interviews the skill level required to be hired depends on the job and expectations of the employers and whoever is able to row the panelists boat.

You may never leave a job interview with the JOB OFFER but for those hours it will leave you well aware of the setting you are in as a person, if you got it or not. If you are really a peoples person, honest, truthful, or just a lie. In job interviews you will get new perspectives that will help put your life in order. I thank “Her” for interviewing me that day she taught me how to share my story.

To conclude for any Job interview, apart from being passionate, visionary and experienced and boasting about people skills, just so you know before you can achieve closeness with others, make sure you are comfortable with yourselves, and you are comfortable telling your story. Something i greatly learned as a fellow at Amani Institute and from our instructor Robert from THNK.


We tend to run from ourselves every chance we get, our stories are based on others, and you don’t want to get exposed during interviews. Sharpen up your interpersonal life issues, the fears, hate, things you can’t stand. But this is really not sufficient to make your day a successful one. Don’t lie in a job interview, honesty outsmarts the interviewer.

If you don’t get hired, don’t hold grudges and curse, sometimes you just have to let go. It is out of your control. Hiring managers may choose to ask bizarre questions to test how well you can relate and handle stress in the workplace. Keep your cool, Be Confident; ask for water if you can. You are the boss at that time, not them. That’s why they called you. The main thing behind waking up is not just to leave your bed and start your day, but is to have new thoughts, hopes, and dreams and so are Job Interviews.

Be the king of your heart. Have few new thoughts, dreams. Be reminded that it’s not being the best it’s about being better than you were yesterday

Meanwhile Keep all those C.V’s going out!!


Confrey is a Psychologist, Fellow at Amani Institute and founder at Kenya Counsellors , a revolutionary social enterprise that connects prospective therapy clients with professional psychologists. As a budding entrepreneur, a research & tech-enthusiast, aspiring writer, and mentor. His goal is to make young professionals, new graduates, students and all the interesting people achieve their full potential by doing interesting things