You may say that I’m a dreamer

I know this won’t be news to many, but I think the reason that sports involving lifting weights of all varieties are taking off lately isn’t necessarily because of any change in society or the ‘market’, but it’s due to long-standing elitist attitudes between flavors of strength sports slowly dying off.

More and more bodybuilders are doing powerlifting in their ‘offseason’. The stereotype of the fat powerlifter has been smashed with more guys getting lean and in almost stage-condition of lean-ness. ‘Weak’ CrossFitters are absolutely dominating sports like weightlifting and strongman.

“ALL POWERLIFTERS ARE FAT!”; will never be as big or jacked as Dan Green.

Every variety of strength sport has benefits and drawbacks. Bodybuilders generally train like madmen, and a lot are completely on point with their nutrition and supplementation. Powerlifters will normally have a great ‘relationship’ with lifting weights, and the mental fortitude needed to shift inhuman loads around is beneficial to all areas of life. CrossFitters have absolutely insane work capacities, with some training 2–3x a day with workloads that would ruin everybody else. Olympic lifters are normally incredibly focused and switched on with technique, and the mobilisation/activation needed to get into the positions required.

“ALL CROSSFITTERS ARE PUSSIES!”; ignores the fact Froning is probably stronger than you with a 570lb dealift, 475lb squat and 370lb clean and jerk.

To be truly successful for long periods of time, I believe you need to take bits and pieces from each variety and apply it to your training. Doing powerlifting? Why not get your supplementation and diet locked in. Doing CrossFit? Why not put a large emphasis on technique and better positions for the various lifts. Doing bodybuilding? Why not build the mental strength you need and focus on every lift.

“I DON’T WANT TO GET TOO BULKY AND LOSE MY MOBILITY”; ignores Ronnie Coleman almost doing the full splits.

Regardless of what you compete in, we’re all in this iron game together. The better we can share our knowledge between sports and lose the bullshit elitist attitudes, the better off EVERYBODY will be and the more all strength sports will continue to grow.

…and if all else fails, just become Doug Young.
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