It’s not your fault.
Julia Chou

As you experience the world more, you will find that there will always be that percentage of man/dogs out there who treat women like a piece of meat; like women are brainless bimbos put on earth for their personal pleasure. Alternately, there are feminist men who respect women. Then there are men who won’t touch a woman-asexuals or homosexuals.

The same goes on the female side of the coin. With the Women’s Movement some women seem to think that disrespecting themselves and sleeping with anyone who asks (as some men do)is progress. That is setting the human race back a century in my opinion. All the work that has been done for Equal Rights is thrown out when a woman allows a man to treat her like trash.

I realize that much of this problem is societal and generational. The courts must take domestic violence more seriously, men must teach their sons to respect women and moms teach their daughters to respect themselves.

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