Twenty Days of Silence

A turn to the past pages.

Here it ends, twenty days of silence,
Here it ends, twenty days of impatience.
Funny how time plays this game.
At times it makes one await,
Sometimes it goes like an ignored wave.
In the room of books and silence,
I went into a reminiscence,
Thoughts put me into a trance,
I opened a book, took a pen,
to jot a tale right then.
In a phase of void days,
I wandered in vivid ways,
In a quest for absolute bliss,
Walking through the corridor,
I saw a smiling miss.
“Where do you hail from?”
Baffled by her weird initial query,
I replied in a hurry.
Acknowledged with a smile,
she turned and walked.
Her smile, there is something about it,
Like an epitome of pure peace,
So calm, so serene, so kind,
That smile instigated my mind,
to spend some time with her.
In the room of silence, I found her,
Indulged in simultaneous actions,
Listening to music, reading a book,
I sat across her, observed her,
And there began, our long talks.
Then came our game of silence,
Days passed by, like a lazy snail,
Days of waiting,
Frustrating and intoxicating.
Comes the day, the end of play,
But there never began, our long talks.
Left many question marks,
Even wondered,
Is it all some sort of larks?
But everything faded away,
Like footprints on the bay.
Her answers had powers,
To quench my curiosity,
To heal my anxiety.
But she made me a ghost,
As her blind eyes made me lost.
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