Three Rules of Big Data to Push Brand Experience

Many Content Strategy Experts have claimed that there are many ways of using big data and brand positioning to win over new clients. However, that statement doesn’t attend to the three key elements of a popular brand with a lot of data. Here are the three rules to move you from being weighed down with too much information and a fear of how to use it, to full-throttle momentum which can quickly change everything for your business.

1. Action:

Your data is only sterile information, unless it galvanizes your customer to act. The action component is one which is often lost in the big data story and action is integral. Don’t ever forget to take this information that you have and run with it. To use a sports analogy if the data is your fast break, then your action is zipping across the open court for the slam dunk. When the action is backed by thoughtful data, the result is nothing but net.

2. Advantage:

If your customers aren’t moved to want to do anything about your action, then the story of how to use big data and brand positioning to win clients is a boring one. Give your customers something to get excited about; make them want to find out more about your product. Tell them something new; even if they think they know your product, surprise them. Tantalize your customers to hear your news, be motivated to buy, and feel compelled to tell every one of their friends.

3. Story:

Brand identification means so little if there isn’t a story for your customer to latch onto. Remember bedtime when you were a kid growing up; what was the one thing you always wanted before you went to sleep? You wanted to hear a story. Stories motivate us to use our imagination, put us in control of our decision making, and allow us to feel a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves. Why do you think a certain cellular phone maker has been so successful? Their customers are a part of that story. It’s wonderful to feel like you are a part of something.

Focusing on these three key elements will tie your campaign together, creating a better user experience for your brand, develop a stronger, long — lasting bond and drive more qualified sales prospects into your funnel. Winning in today’s over-saturated market, is all about speed, finesse and using intelligent strategy to attract and convert through optimized experiences creating loyalty to your brand.

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