Grateful Love

Its so easy to complain. Its easy to cry and give up. Its easy to feel miserable. Misery seems to be the auto pilot we all are born with. Pain and suffering tagging along with it. Ever since we come to this world since our childhood we see people suffering. We Grow up in Pain and Suffering. Eventually, we become so numb to it that we won’t feel it unless life hits us hard with it. We then cry and turn around and talk to someone who cares or sometimes even to complete strangers In fact its much easier to talk to someone who will simply listen won’t give a fuck about our pain but will be with us in the moment listening to us so intensely it makes us feel much better.

With that comes “Normal”

We live in a world where its okay to feel like shit and change relationships like changing clothes. Yelling at the one’s that we care like our mom, father, brother, husband, wife its okay. Its even okay to get jealous, to be possessive and take there freedom away from them for our Hearts Security which honestly seems to never ever end. Its okay to be possessive to your children to get them married because society will talk shit about them. Its okay to take advantage of someone for something we want for ourselves. Its okay to Lie. Cheat and Steal.

But there are things that are hard to do too. Its hard not be jealous and understanding to one’s we love. Its hard to see one’s own mistakes. Its hard to cry for making someone feel like complete shit. Its hard to have empathy for someone whom we barely know. Its hard to move on and not get stuck at something. Its hard forgive. Its hard to Balance our lives. Its hard to admit “ I am wrong, or I was wrong”. Its hard to see beyond one’s ego. Its hard to be grateful. Its hard to love and risk everything. Its hard to be open in a world which mostly is like a huge concrete world.

But these things and being open is worth the risk. After all we all are going to die anyways why not be open to ourselves first. No one can cheat death and even if we do what’s the point in living when we just know what is going to happen.

Secretly each of us love the spontaneous flow of this magical short lives on earth. So Live it to the fullest. Don’t be a wall. Be a person. Love. Laugh. Smile. Talk. Listen. Forgive. Be Grateful. Admit you are wrong and you know nothing because there’s no point in having an ego. It will only make you smaller.

If you want to be everything you gotta let go of something.

I have had honor of meeting few beautiful souls who truly showed the magic of life. I thank that with all my heart for being what they are and to the universe for helping me meet them. Without them I won’t have felt what i am feeling at this moment.

Thank you for everything. : )