11. Clean Slate
Maya Stormrider

I can completely relate to this. I smoked for 2 years myself 6 months ago it hit me, that I can’t live without a cigarette even for a day now .

Then I tryed to quit but for the first 2 months It drove me crazy when it was the time of the day I had cigarettes. But I kept pushing, now i don’t have the same kind of craving for it anymore.

Its funny that i just found this right now I almost had a cigarette like 30 minutes ago , just got back from a walk around and I asked my friend for a cigarette.

Usually this doesn’t happens though but today the urge was strong but then after i had the cigarette in my hand i just didn’t want to light it up instead I let the feeling pass and somehow told my self not to do it.

And it worked.

I guess universe has a strange way of helping us all.

Thank you for sharing this Maya, and every time you feel like doing it. Wait for a second and just remember, why you shouldn’t do it. : )

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