Raluca Lungu

I personally think Our Lives is the reflection of our souls. If there is a thing called Destiny then to some extent we also have power to control it. I believe in God and Its hard to explain but sometimes i feel we all are one yet we are so divided by the things around us and we forget we about love instead we become selfish and everything that is opposite of love.

Loving Someone in the Physical Plane of life where we have no clue where we came from although we feel we know yet we don’t have any records of the past beyond our birth here on earth and we have no clue what will happen to us because the future is unknown as well .

Another thing No one can truly know the other person. We can think we do. We can talk all days and night of our lives yet we can never know. Why ? Because Every person is the deepest ocean there ever will be. Yes we will find things in common and feelings in common and of course we can experience love but in the long run when Relationship or Marriage comes up there will be problems and pain like in everything else we do.

We humans are imperfect beings trying to march towards perfection in our own ways. Some do it by going to mars , making electric cars helping human civilization in vast ways others do it by sharing small act of kindness. Giving food , clothes to those who don’t have. Listening to someone who has no one to listen to. Making music and sharing. Laughing. Crying with happiness.

We help each other and since the beginning that’s been the way humans have come this far. We live together although we are alone and die alone.

So my point is there is no point. Everything circumstance is the point. Its a poetry a paradox a mystery. Where we can’t ever know everything with what we are right now that is humans. Yet we have power to love. Such a beautiful word and feel and we do have power to experience the truth. If we only are willing to and are persistent for it.

At least for me Love has taught me to become what i am today. I am grateful to it. Everything is a paradox. There is no end to improvement if it was to be then we will all be these perfect beings merging with God. Yet we are not. More likely we are finding our way back to god to the perfection. But we must not forget the path is imperfection as life is a paradox.

Do not get me wrong some of things i wrote above i have done it and some I am trying to accomplish as my heart tells me these things from time to time yet its hard to let it penetrate and simply live with Love all the time. But like all of us i am also marching towards it through imperfections through learning with mistakes.

: )

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