That Feeling of Joy.

To everyone I ever made feel sad or bad about them self I feel guilty and I am sorry , we never realize our mistakes thinking our way is only the right way and then we forget about it while there might be someone out there who could never forget what we did and that might be a life changing impact for them.

Recently I’ve been feeling and experiencing lot of new stuff , Believing in thing that I never really cared before , realizing how valuable this time for us is in this planet for each of us and a different perspective towards love. How many of us did helped that old man who was carrying heavy loads while we were getting back from school or work ? or how many of us did believe that there’s hope for the that blind guy begging in the street playing flute or that guy who drawing with his leg? How many of us did have time to ask there name ? or matter of fact even thinking weather they have eaten full stomach in days or weeks?

I bet most of us just give them some money see them for while and leave . I ask myself why do we do that ? Well I know that’s a good thing we are trying to help them aren’t we ? but why don’t see them as a actual person then someone who is just begging . I’ve been thinking of it for a while now and now i think if i knew about his life or who he was or even his name , I would know the person I would be seeing his as another soul that i actually know . But I don’t want to do that because that way I would be knowing i will not be helping someone and feeling guilty about the fact I am having a far better life where then someone out there who is far worse . So we just ignore them like they don’t exist. LIKE THEY DON'T EXIST. This is just an example , We do it everyday , we only see what we want to see , we only notice what we were told to notice we only want what we should be and we only do what we want to do. That’s the world we live in today.

Doing something beyond for “Yourself” is considered madness , insane or a selfless act. But thing is when you a selfless act or helping someone till the point you sell your house you are living in or give away something that's really important to you . You feel a stranger sense of Happiness . I know this sounds crazy but when you do it then you have in huge feeling of you did something worth it no matter how uncommon it might look when you think of it . You have this huge feeling of happiness , you feel your spirit smiling. That makes you feel happy , knowing the fact you helped someone without thinking about yourself first. That gives you a feeling that is far more amazing then anything materialist.

I felt this feeling since last couple of months now and I have been trying to do more of it even if it means nothing materialistically it certainly makes me feel I did something good when I think about it. : )

For those of you looking for happiness but cant seem to find it I am sure you will. Because in the end of the its about what you Believe in . If you believe and work for it then dreams do come true. So stop waiting and start believing. Leave nothing to chance. : )

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