Building Dreamhouse: Meet Katherine!

This is what happens when two BFF’s join forces in business…

Here’s a few throwback photos from college! ;)

— by Katherine Payment

You may have seen in some of our recent social media and blog posts (or maybe in the blog post from our alma mater FIDM) that Dreamhouse has taken on a new team member: It’s me, Katherine Payment! I’m happy to report that things have been going really well since I joined the #DreamhouseSquad a few weeks ago. We thought it was about time for me to introduce myself!

THROWBACK! Mallory and I as students at FIDM in 2012! HAHA! ;)

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA with three sisters and loving parents. It was there that my love of all things creative began and continues to grow today. After graduating high school with an Associates Degree, I decided to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, CA studying Visual Communications where I met Mallory in class. Our friendship began and through all of the hours of classes and projects, we grew closer and formed an amazing friendship.

Shortly after graduating from FIDM, I was diagnosed with Leukemia, moved back to my family in Seattle, and began treatment. During this period in my life, I learned a lot and my perspective on life changed. I grew drastically in this experience and made it through! I’ve now been in remission for almost three years!

A couple of bald ladies… Mallory shaved her head with me when I started chemo.

While going through treatment, I tried to do what I could to keep up with my skills and started a blog called The Kathy Diaries. Because of my health limitations, most of the work that I did was on the computer which helped me develop graphic design and social media skills. At this time, I began working with Mallory whenever she needed some extra help.

When I was finally well enough to move back to LA, Mallory came to Seattle to help me pack and drive back down. During my second stint in LA, we began a more formal working relationship. However, after a few months, I realized that LA wasn’t the place for me anymore and decided to move back to Seattle more permanently.

Working together on events in Los Angeles!

After the move, I explored other options for work, but after a few months, my hips began giving me trouble. I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis, a common complication of steroids used in chemotherapy, and found out that both of my hips needed to be replaced. Once again, I was unable to work. It was a really difficult journey of ups and downs.

In August of 2015 I took my last dose of chemotherapy and got my first hip replaced. After a few weeks of healing, I began and internship with Providence Health & Services social media team where I learned all about how a social media team functions at the corporate level and the challenges of social media in the healthcare industry. I also realized how much more I enjoy working in a small business environment and doing things on a more personal level, like here at Dreamhouse.

My second hip replacement was the day before Thanksgiving 2015, and after taking a break for the holidays, I was on the hunt and ready to find a new job. I quickly landed a gig working the front desk at a local salon and I love it — especially after a three-year stint of hardly having any social life… or hair! I enjoy chatting with all of the girls in the salon, getting to dress up, engaging with customers and serving my community. And not to mention… there are lots of perks to salon life! ;)

As my internship at Providence came to an end, I wondered what my next career move should be and had my parents’ ever-present reminders in the back of my mind: “We always knew we’d never have to worry about you. You need to have good insurance.”

While I was mulling over all of this, I received a phone call from Mallory. She was settled in Cleveland and finally at a point with Dreamhouse where she was ready to expand the team. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing. Now I’m able to do fulfilling work here at Dreamhouse, serve my community at the salon, and catch up with my best friend Mallory on a daily basis… What more could I ask for?

Working at Dreamhouse, I have two main passions: Strategic development for social media engagement and creative development in brand identity design. Working together with Mallory as a power team, we have a great time and push each other to bring out the best in each other and our clients.

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