Building Dreamhouse: Meet Leon!

The story of how Leon discovered and pursued the career of his dreams!

— by Leon Corell

You’ve read about Mallory and Katherine’s stories and now it’s my turn! I’m Leon and this is the story of how I came to join the #DreamhouseSquad.

I am finishing my last semester at Cuyahoga Community College and am due to receive an Associate of Applied Business in Marketing, in May 2016. I grew a love for working with others as a Bike Courier in my later teens/early 20’s. Feeling like I was playing a small part in helping people achieve something much bigger was, and continues to be deeply satisfying for me. I enjoy feeling like a small, but integral, part of something big.

After spending a few years on the road as a messenger, I longed to get back into a classroom and decided to go back to college. Marketing seemed like a fun way to foster my creativity and help people in a business environment. I’ve found the learning process to be fun, though as I move closer to graduating I’ve become anxious to get into the field.

In February, I met Mallory at an event in Ohio City. After being introduced by a mutual friend, we instantly connected on our love for marketing. She told me about Dreamhouse, and I was immediately interested. We stayed in contact, met for coffee, and before I knew it, I was beginning to work in her office as an intern.

Since working with Mallory, I’ve begun to regularly write and create content for clients. I enjoy the creative aspect of that, and I like being able to help clients develop and promote their brands, and engage their audience. Given the amount of time and effort it takes to effectively do this, I find it fulfilling that I am able to take those responsibilities off of our clients, enabling them to grow their businesses.

It’s been a couple of months now, and sometimes I feel like I’ve been able to learn more about digital marketing here than I ever have in a classroom. I’m ecstatic to be gaining experience in my field and learning more and more about things such as Branding, Social Media Marketing/Advertising, and Logo Design. I am looking forward to completing my internship with Mallory, and continuing to work with Dreamhouse.

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