Building Dreamhouse: The Dream

So… I’m starting a new company.

I’ve been thinking for a while about how to tell this story in a way that makes sense and sounds inspiring, but I decided that I really just want to share my heart with you. The road that brought me to this place was really amazing and difficult. This is my personal story of how my life and developing career has led me to build Dreamhouse.

The poster for my 3rd benefit concert in Venice, FL.

Over the past few years I’ve had many different work experiences that I loved and hated, but through which I learned a lot. Here are a few highlights that have altered my career path.


I planned a few concerts in Venice, FL. in 2011. This awakened a new passion in me. I learned how to get the community to gather around a cause and participate in an event that raised money for a local homeless shelter. I didn’t know what I was doing but learned along the way and it was so rewarding and exciting to create a successful event that made an impact on real lives in my hometown.

Upon moving to Los Angeles in the fall of 2011 I volunteered at a variety of events, including L.A. Fashion Week, the Grammy’s parties, album release parties, and more. At these events I worked hard, stayed late, and made sure to meet the event producers. I particularly remember L.A. Fashion Week when I stayed long after my “volunteer shift” was over and helped the catering company carry out all the (gross) trash bags. The event producer came up to me in shock that I was still there and still working. She kindly offered me a ride home so that I wouldn’t take the bus in the middle of the night. During that whole ride, I peppered her with questions about her career, how she decided to start planning events and what she liked and disliked about her job. She was incredible and I felt so similar to her. She inspired me to pursue event planning in Los Angeles.

Kentucky Derby Brunch Party in West Hollywood, CA.


I started to plan parties for friends in West Hollywood on my own. I cooked the food, made the decorations, planned the schedule, decorated, set up… all of it. It’s so hilarious to look back on. I had a friend come with me to take photographs for my portfolio.

During one of my classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), I met a classmate who was working for a Hollywood event designer. He used to intern for her and was recently promoted. They were looking for another intern and he passed along my resumé. At my interview, I showed photos of the little parties I’d been designing and got the position.

For 6 months, while maintaining a full-time school load, I worked three days a week in an unpaid internship for a woman who has won BizBash’s Event Designer Of The Year award multiple times. It was often grueling work and took so much of my time and energy but through the good and bad, I learned SO much about how to (and how NOT to) run a small event planning business.

A Halloween event display that I was responsible for designing and decorating at Events By Fabulous


When my internship with the event planner ended, I immediately started interning for a marketing company in Sherman Oaks. After interning in digital marketing and event planning for 6 months, I was hired as the Social Media Marketing Manager and Events Coordinator. During my time with this company I got to learn the ins and outs of social media marketing and even did strategy consultation with large corporate clients. I planned many large scale events and independently ran numerous social media accounts, while also overseeing the company’s internship program.

During most of my time with that company I was still in school at FIDM and working freelance on various graphic design projects. I was approached by a woman named Malena (a friend of a friend) about coordinating a fundraiser for a non-profit with which she worked. I wasn’t “ready” to coordinate a large scale, red carpet, Beverly Hills event… but I did it. Overall, it was a huge success with performances by John Legend, an appearance by the Mayor of Los Angeles, various TV and sports celebs and news outlets. It was huge for me and I really enjoyed, not only the whole process, but also working with Malena and her web designer friend, Dallim. After our successful event together, other organizations started to approach us about coordinating their events. So, we started a company called Endymion Events and Brand Development. We produced a few more amazing events together in Beverly Hills and had SO much fun working together.

A fundraiser planned by Endymion Events and Brand Development, Inc. for African Millennium Foundation in Beverly Hills, CA. 2014.


For the past two years I’ve been the CEO of Endymion. I worked as an event planner, graphic designer, creative director, sponsorship broker, PR manager, advertiser, social media manager, and marketing consultant… I wore so many different hats and worked with a wide variety of incredible people and organizations. During this time, I developed strengths in the marketing, brand design, and social media components and, since my business partners at Endymion and I had different strengths, goals, and hopes for the future of Endymion, we mutually deemed it best to part ways.

Present Day

This put me in a very strange place, personally. I loved my company, I loved my business partners. I loved the things we built together. I was sure that if Endymion didn’t work out I would feel so crushed and defeated, but the way things have developed could not have been better. I don’t feel sad about ending that chapter.

I actually feel so excited… and really grateful.

Being given the opportunity to branch out on my own and take the best parts of my experiences in events, social media marketing, consulting, and design and build them into a company that is so uniquely tailored to my passion is really mind blowing.

So, I’m starting this new chapter, in a new city (CLEVELAND!), on my own. Some people think ending a business means failure, but that’s not what is happening. Endymion and everything in my history has grown and taught me and will make this next chapter better than ever!

This journey has brought me through some of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my career. Now, I’m building Dreamhouse.

I’m so excited about it because Dreamhouse will reflect all the ways that I personally feel about helping others unlock their greatest potential and build their dream.

I’m so grateful for the way my life has developed, the amazing people that have participated, taught, volunteered, prayed, listened, given feedback, and supported me during this journey.

It’s so thrilling to be building a dream that makes a difference in the lives of my clients and the people they impact.

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