Your Garden, Your Flowers, Your Celebration

Is there anyone still appreciating the stamp and coin collecting hobbies? I used to collect stamps in my school days, competing with one of my classmates. One day, I found it no longer worth continuing it. I stopped collecting stamps.

I used to take photos of small insects, plants, flowers, etc. with my old Cannon camera. Of course, I concentrated on various focal lengths, natural/artificial lights, precise moments, blah blah to get nice photos. One day, it all looked so ridiculous. I stopped taking photos of this sort.

My drawing kit had only Camlin/camel sketch pens and pencils. I guess the brand is still famous. Just like every kid, I used to draw mountain, river, trees… One day, I felt it as a mere time waster. I stopped drawing.

I was startled when my classmate bought two packs of stamps. I was amazed at the quality and the perfection of DSLR photos. I could find thousands of great photos on the internet. There were so many tools for drawing and lots of people draw far better than me. I stopped doing them all. Of course, only later I realised that I should have looked at them in a different perspective, the sensible one.

The thought occurred to me when my mom was showing me this (pic.) flower (Amaryllis?) in her little terrace garden recently. I can easily take her to many flower farms and show hundreds of varieties of flowers. She will be very happy to see so many flowers and she will love it. But… that happiness is not as same as that of the one she is getting from this little flower in her garden. She planted it. She marvelled at the first fresh leaves. She watched it grow. Now she sees its flower. This is deeper, truer than seeing the hundreds of flowers. And she owns it and no one can feel the happiness to its entirety as she feels.

Neither life nor success is built in a single day. They are the result of continuous celebrations, celebration of small things, your things. Be honest and pour your heart into the work you do and celebrate the outcome. Let it be the best of you, not necessarily what this world can accept as the best. If you haven’t, it is time for you to start feeling proud of your work, no matter how trivial it may seem. Start celebrating your true works. They deserve a pat on the back. You are the first and perhaps the only person to recognise them. Every work of you got part of you in it. Don’t let any opportunity to build the YOU go.

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