My Journey To Winning A Lottery Jackpot — How It All Started

Many many moons ago, I had an encounter in the realm of YouTube. I was wondering the site, going from random video to random video and eventually I stumbled upon a video about the power of the subconscious mind. I listened to some of it and thought it was an interesting concept. I forgot about it and went about my life.

Years later (and I mean it, YEARS), I was having an absolutely terrible day. It was sometime in the winter because it was damn cold. I had to take the car to get something replaced (I can’t even remember what). I remember I was in an absolutely foul mood. NOTHING could cheer me up. I had to wake up early (bad), caught every red light (bad), they screwed up my breakfast (bad), and so on and so on. Well, at some point during the drive I was ranting about how the day could ONLY get worse. I remember feeling numb from rage and disappointment at the day as I sat at the red light before getting on the highway. And in that moment… the last straw. The window of my car fell right into the door. Yes. The window. Of my car. Fell. Right into. The door. Out of nowhere, like an RKO. It was freezing. The repair shop was one whole hour away. I had to drive with my broken window all the way to the shop freezing my butt off.

It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized that me having a bad day could have, in some way, caused my day to only get worse. Then I had an epiphany. I had to find that video about the power of the mind. And I went on my search to find it — and find it, I did.

That is how my story begins. I doubt anyone will ever read this. If anyone does, I am guessing it will be when I win and someone stumbles upon THAT story and backtracks all the way here. So if you are that person, I hope you learned from my journey, and enjoy your own.