My Journey To Winning A Lottery Jackpot — Preparing For Wealth

As my desire to win a large windfall from the lottery took off. I began looking into successful lottery winners and their stories. I found solace in Nevillution, a YouTube channel dedicated to the teachings of Neville Goddard who’s teachings have taken me further than all other of the LOA masters.

One of the stories on her channel was about someone who you might have heard of if you follow the LOA and lottery winner stories: Cynthia Stafford. The main takeaway I got from her story is that she mentally prepared for wealth. But let me back up a bit.

In earlier posts I talked about how I got into the LOA, my journey through the learning process, and the reasons that fueled my desires. It is safe to assume that I have laid out my desire, I have studied vigilantly the processes used to bring my desire into my existence, and as of writing this I have let go of my desire in order to let the universe do its work.

In order to prepare for wealth, I began by creating a document in Google docs that calculated the lump sum in cash of any major lottery win. It reduced the winning amount to a cash amount and then deduced the necessary taxes to give me a final, in-hand, amount. I am still very proud of this tool because it let me visually SEE what my fortune can look like. I then took this tool and expanded it to segment the winnings into segments. These segments are to be discussed with my financial advisers in order to protect myself from myself — as they say. A portion of the cash will go into long-term securities (to keep me from spending it until retirement), a portion will go to my wife and myself (to be split 50% 50%) - I like to keep my finances separate. A portion will go to family. A portion to charity. And a portion for immediate distribution to friends and family. Those of our choosing.

I came to terms with the breakdowns after reading many posts on how to handle a lottery windfall and going through an entire wiki post on how to handle investments. Where to place them. Who to have manage them and what kind of services to use. Aside from this, I also became familiar with setting up trust funds. One would be crucial to attaining the cash from the lottery commission without having to do it publicly. I respect my privacy more than most and would not like to be a publicly announced winner. My wife is very shy and she is also not one to be in public with something like this.

Most folks would stop there, but not me. I took my desires to the next level, in order to reel them in, I contacted a financial adviser and planner near where I live. And also got a hold of a law firm that specializes in lottery winners. They both know me and I know them (via electronic communication) but I have their contact information for when that winning ticket comes through. All I have to do is pick up the phone and start my journey to attaining my wealth.

My wife and I played many wealth games, such as the million dollar game where you have to increase the amount of spending every day until you hit 1 million. To gives us perspective on just how much a million dollars is. It was very fun and gave us great insight. My vision board is full of all of our dreams and aspirations as wealthy winners. Everyday I think wealth affirmations. I mediate to wealth. I feel wealthy because I am wealthy, and soon, it will be my reality in the physical plane.

This is my last post here — for now. When I post again I will title it: “I Won A Lottery Jackpot Using The Law Of Attraction.” And the body will be smiley. Like this one → :)

Have a blessed life and remember to set your intention, let go of your desires, and let the universe do the work. Your job is to enjoy life to the fullest and live everyday as if your desired were already realized. ❤

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