My Journey To Winning A Lottery Jackpot — The Reasons

As you might have read by now, my dream of winning the lottery was planted in my head years ago. It was not a passionate desire at the time for I was still younger and didn’t have much to worry about. Life has a way of kicking you around and making you desire higher riches.

The passion really heated up over the span of a little over two years. My mom and dad had split up after something my dad did (you can probably figure it out). Shortly after the split, they both lost their jobs (they worked in the same place). This left my mom and sister with no income for a period of months. At this same time, my mom was going through an IRS audit after her tax people screwed up her paperwork. During all this, my sister got into a car wreck, about half a block from their house and totaled their only car. So no job, no income, no car, owed thousands to IRS, and owed the property taxes on the home. Definitely the worst time in their life.

I helped them as much as I could, my mom still owes me thousands of dollars. Eventually they got through some of the worst of it but still, they are trying to find steady jobs, have an older beat up car, and definitely still owe a ton of money which they don’t have. Not to mention that my mom suffers from chronic migraine and my sister from severe anxiety and depression.

At this point I was thinking. If only, I could harvest the power of my mind and get me lottery win, it would change up the entire world for them. I could clear them of their debts, sell moms house, and move them over closer to me so we can relax together and help them forget the pain that they have been through. That’s when the desire really took up root in my mind.

Aside from helping my mom and sister, I also wanted to bring my wife a fairytale life. Not just because she’s my princess, but because she is far more deserving than she understands. She is kind, sweet, and thoughtful. A brilliant woman who deserves a castle. My life, taken as a singular and encircled bubble is great. I am successful in my career, I have a great job, I love my co-workers. I get paid decently (as much as possible I am sure) and overall I feel accomplished and happy. Everyone that I love, around me, is in a dire position. In a bad place — financially, emotionally, psychologically.

I bear all the instruments to manage large sums of money to be able to help my loved ones. Now it’s just a waiting game. I know it in my heart that the universe knows what’s best for me and for my loved ones. I know the universe understands that my desire will be of benefit to many. I know that I have prepared for this moment and look forward to the blessings. In my soul I am the man I want to be, now I will simply see it, when I believe it. And oh do I believe it.

Thank you for reading. I hope this post finds you well. And I hope that you find happiness, abundance, and the ability to help those around you — those you love ❤.

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