Climbing Up to Crowd fund: The DreamScreen Story

Dec 15, 2015 · 2 min read
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This year has been exciting for the new electronics startup, DreamScreen, LLC. With plans to launch their Kickstarter Campaign in mid-January, 2016, there’s been an uphill battle to prepare for the launch.

DreamScreen plans to launch the first-ever responsive television backlighting system entirely through HDMI. The DreamScreen package uses LED lights placed behind your television that match the color pixel of what you are watching. The effect stretches the size of your screen, enhances the content and even makes television easier on the eyes.

The engineering team focused on HDMI and designed the product to be used on any television video source that uses HDMI. So users playing XBOX, watching cable, AppleTV, AmazonFire, Chromecast, Roku, Satelite, etc., the product will take whatever you enjoy watching or playing and cast the image on the lights at a responsive rate of 60 frames a second, creating a new home theater viewing experience.

Over the last year several prototypes were tested, designs were improved and eventually DreamScreen became a reality as well as a patented product. That’s when it became time to begin the marketing segment of the startup. First a name, what’s in a name, well everything really, co-founder Kate Reddy explained how they came up with the name DreamScreen, “A dream is an immersive experience and that’s exactly what DreamScreen does to any living room or venue, it immerses you into the content and casts a colorful hue to any scene.”

Then the design phase began: logo design, web design, app design, packaging design, etc. After many months of completing this integral part of the process, DreamScreen was ready to send out as a soft launch.

The startup crossed their fingers and….feedback was a success! People loved the way it enhanced their television, how integrative gaming became, and how easy it was to control everything via Bluetooth on the DreamScreen App.

Stay tuned folks; DreamScreen is about to roll out to the Kickstarter crowd funding network in mid-January and is looking forward to their biggest challenge yet. Since DreamScreen already has fully working units that have been rigorously tested, this could be the fastest turnaround time for an electronics gadget on Kickstarter ever. DreamScreen estimates it will ship out by April of 2016. Early bird pricing will be as low as $75, with an estimated retail price of $150–199 post-Kickstarter.

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