Document Your Experiences Each Day That Goes By!(Entry #2)

How awesome would it be to have EVERY special memory you ever had in life recorded for you to see on your last days alive? Or for your children to see the things their parents experienced when they were younger, while doing the best they knew how to provide a suitable life for them to sustain themselves?.. Or perhaps every great idea you’ve ever materialized into physical reality by doubling down on your goals? Not only is this an awesome thing to do for yourself for personal reasons, but people love seeing how someone started their journey to arrive at the point they are now versus just seeing the PEAK result of an individual’s accomplishments. Struggling is something we as human beans all share in common in some form or another, so never be afraid to show your shortcomings to others. Believe it or not, there is someone out there with the exact same struggles & difficulties you’re facing right now that aspire to do great things as well as you do. Seeing that it isn’t all glitz & glamour, shapes their perspective in a way that it feels THEY can overcome the present obstacles they face in their current situation. The process is EVERYTHING, not the ugly part people try their best to avoid and are ready to skip in life. Getting dirty, doing things you don’t want to do, constantly giving before you receive, not one of these things, but ALL of these things matter on your journey to do some amazing things in your life, that will inspire people & hopefully get them to mimic in their own unique way.