Putting The Work In!(Entry #3)

How revolutionized would our behavior and actions be if we realized that giving up on our dreams is equally as powerful as giving IN to them? I wish I could tell you this is a very simple, fundamental step to achieve anything you desire, but the only thing simple are the instructions. The responsibility for following through with these words and instructions is what separates a winner from the person who just loves to hear themselves talk. As black & white as it may seem, NOT quitting on your goals is nowhere near as popular with the masses as quitting everything they attempt to start or never truly starting anything at all. People have EXTREME difficulties following through with anything long term that they know could truly benefit them down the road simply because the road is not easy. It’s a fact that if you quit, take some time off or hold it off to a time that is more convenient for you, you will never get to the destination. You will never reach a certain point in the process that can’t be or won’t be interrupted by the extreme unpredictability of life & cause you to question your motives at times. Yet one thing is certain, that if you don’t quit, if you don’t take time off, life will have a funny way of rewarding you for these efforts. Surprisingly the odds may still not play in your favor all the time. The market place, our minds, and our ways of living are constantly changing, evolving, and adapting to everything that is going on in the environment. You can give your best shot & still come up short, so that very fact should alert you to go above and beyond, but also stay true to the things you value, because those things will guide your choices and give direction to your actions. Stay the course, don’t give in to social pressures, and remain true to yourself no matter the circumstance. The most successful people in the world reached that level once they stopped caring what other people think and never stopped to think if they were doing the right thing or not. I wish this was as plain & simple to act upon as me telling you ,but people’s perspective on life, who they are, & what they think they’re capable of MUST change before they can be who they want to be. The strength to persevere, and stay in one direction towards your goals builds great character, and the better your character, the more people notice you, the more people notice you, it betters your chances of people wanting to follow in your footsteps because they are moved by your EXAMPLE.