I’m happy and feels enough for me

Agustin Silveira
May 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Since I’ve dropped from college pursuing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur I’ve learned a lot of things. But before I tell you about it…

This is not a post about why you should not go to college or why you should, there is too much people trying to convince you or maybe trying to convince themselves :)

Who is this guy writing this blog? And what is he writing about?

Well, my name is Agustin Silveira and I don’t like labels so I will describe my self as a 21 y/o guy who is pursuing happiness. (well that’s kind of a label :P)

And I’m figuring out how to become truly happy.

I want to share with you in this open letter all the things I have learned in the past years about happiness and being truthful to yourself.

Happiness has been my top priority for a while now. I’ve seen the results of moving towards happiness and also how life becomes a horrible thing when your own happiness it’s not the first thing on your list.

When this life changing journey started? Well, I like to think that I’ve always been this way, I had a way of thinking that other people couldn’t understand. I was that kid that really liked to question everything and always in need of a good reason to do the job.

Something like this:

So anoying right?

Well this way of thinking helped me a lot. Over the years I realized that I had to build my own path. I’m sure that you have realized that other people always know what do you need in order to be happy and what you should do to achieve happiness. But what about them? Why are they always criticizing other people? And why are they always complaining?


This was a tough lesson I’ve learn over the last months while I was building my business (which failed ❤) . Humans are always competing with other humans, sometimes in big ways with big money involved and other in smaller ways. What they get is the same, the fake feeling of wining or losing.

Why is this happening? Why my own life and happiness depends on other people failure?

The answer is: “ because we are not happy with ourselves so we need to look outside for fake happiness”

Too keep the post short I want to leave 2 keys I think are important for all of you who are figuring what to do with your life.

1. Be a good person: Always care for the feelings of others, you are not alone in this world. Money and other kinds of properties are important, but never more than a human or other living beings .

2. Trust yourself: No body knows you like you do! Be yourself and good things will start to happen.

Thanks for reading,

I would be really glad if you leave your feedback, is always good to hear opinions in order to improve!

Agustin Silveira

Written by

I'm figuring out how to be truly happy while I build my self.

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