My mind as a tool not as an enemy.

Agustin Silveira
May 14, 2018 · 3 min read
“Last night I had a revelation. My mind stood in peace with my thoughts and I could see clearly for the first time.”

With this post I want to share my experience in a sincere way. It’s kind of an open letter to the world.

All I’m going to explain here it’s based in my own experience after reading 2 life changing books, The Secret and The power of now.

Do you know that our mind is our best tool and our worst enemy at the same time? But what would you say if I tell you that is possible to control this little monster?

Our mind is like that friend that it’s always scared and if it was for him we would do nothing. But we can help that friend only if we are strong enough, otherwise we will get used to that fear and that bunch of nothingness.

I was scared too, as a young entrepreneur my fears were always hunting me. Both of my startups failed because I thought I couldn’t make it and I decided to drop them before it was to late. But not any more, I have this power now where my mind helps me build stuff not destroy it.

How I did I make it? what was my revelation?

While reading both books I mentioned before, I begin to realize some sort of things that I wasn’t aware of.

I realized this from The Power of Now.

  1. It is a hundred times easier to have bad thoughts than good ones and we are so used to the bad ones that we don’t even realize we have them.
  2. It is important to be capable of blocking your thoughts, not in a mystical way were your mind goes blank, I believe that this is impossible, but in a logical way, if one thought hurts you and makes you sad, block it out like when your are in a boring class, just think in other things you love and make you feel good.
  3. We were taught that all good things come with some kind of suffer before and if it doesn’t we don’t deserve them. This is a big fat lie. We all deserve good things in our life and you don’t have to feel bad about having them.

This is what I realized from reading The Secret

  1. Maybe you are not talking to an ethereal power that gives you everything you want, but knowing what you want and focusing on it makes things come faster.
  2. You can do anything you want, sounds as a cliché, I know. But think it twice, why not? Who says you can’t get what you want? Most of the times is yourself!
  3. Be honest with yourself and you will get what you really want, if you lie to your own mind it’s impossible that the thoughts produced by this lie will make you happy.

This six point were my life changing points of view. But the real revelation appeared last night, where this bunch of knowledge fused with my mind and I could visualize the life I wanted for me, all the things I’m going to do and that there’s no one capable of stopping me.

Now I feel so happy with myself that I want to spread this happiness with you all. I hope you enjoyed the reading! :)

Agustin Silveira.

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