Squid: Mvp development agency, by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Agustin Silveira
Oct 23, 2019 · 2 min read

What is Squid?

Squid is an agency that helps entrepreneurs accelerate their market validation by lightening the burden of developing a functional MVP.

Where does the idea come from?

After a few years in the startup ecosystem in Barcelona and meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs I realized that there was a factor that was slowing down the process of idea validation. This factor was the lack of a technical cofounder or the lack of the technical knowledge needed to build an MVP.

Why Squid and not another agency?

There are a lot of good agencies out there that can build the best platforms for your startup, but based on my own experience, most agencies don’t have the startup mindset.

Ask yourself a question. Do you need the most complete platform or do you need the minimum functionalities that will validate your idea? Do you have the time to wait 3 months for this big project to be finished or do you want to launch it as soon as possible?

What is Squid’s method?

We develop the project with you, even if you don’t have a technical background we want you to be part of the whole process so we can build the MVP you need.

We will sit with you or skype and make sure we understand your needs, your idea and what are the minimum functionalities you need to validate your market.

After the first meeting, we will plan a roadmap divided into sprints of 2 weeks, where we will detail the development process and show you the first mockups of your MVP.

After the end of each sprint(2 weeks), we will have another call where we show you the progress of the project and collect your valuable feedback so we can improve the work already done. This way neither you nor we will lose time at the end of the roadmap by having to rebuild or change functionalities that could have been done in the beginning. That means less development time and faster validation 🚀

Are you ready to validate your idea?

Contact us at squidstartup@gmail.com or at squidstartups.com

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